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10 Best Digital Marketing Tools To Grow A Business

Best Digital Marketing Tool For Growing a online business

Digital marketing has become a crucial part of many businesses. Many digital marketing companies are adopting digital marketing services for promoting their brands, products, and business. But if we talk about digital marketing, it is constantly updating. Marketers require digital marketing tools more than ever to augment skills, collaborate more effectively, and automate repetitive tasks.

If you are a digital marketing professional looking to improve your client’s ROI and digital marketing strategies, you must want to know about specific tools. These tools are mainly designed to keep things organized so you can make customizations as required. Digital marketing tools also help you implement the right strategy in the right way.

10 Digital Marketing Tools For Business 2022

Best Digital Marketing Tool For Growing Business Online

Google Analytics: Best Tool For Website Traffic

Google Analytics tool is one of the most crucial and powerful digital marketing tools. It can help you with various marketing decisions. You may easily track your small e-commerce business as well as motives that will keep your business and company on track.

Google Analytics provides innumerable data insights that can be easy for digital marketers to understand the directions needed to take with website modifications or changes. You just have to install Google Analytics on your site, and now you may log in or signup up to use it.

The most common feature of Google Analytics (how it helps you)

Once you have done the installation and signup process, It helps to provide you with details about the traffic on your website, which is divided by-products pages, devices, and more. It lets you make your dimensions, metrics, and dashboards for easy access to information and data. Besides, google analytics helps you understand your target audience in a far better way.

With the help of this tool, you will obtain real-time updates about the website’s customers, including the pages they are recently exploring. It may help you make your website’s landing page more engaging by providing the customers with the most intuitive experience.

It may let you share insights with the help of many reporting tools and helps you visualize and organize the data suiting business requirements. Google Analytics is available with lots of functionalities, features, the ability to make a dashboard, and customized reports.

Is Google analytics free or paid?

Small business owners may use the Google Analytics service for free without paying any amount or monthly charge. But if you need the most advanced features of it, you have to pay some recurring fees for it. The premium of Google Analytics will cost you the amount of $ 150,00/year.

WordStream: Great Advertising Optimization Tool

The free keyword tool of WordStream provides you with thousands of relevant keywords with actionable details like estimated CPC and competition level, all for just a free price! It’s a fantastic option for Google Keyword Planner. It is intended to simplify ad campaign management and ad creation. It offers a few services such as PPC monitoring, keyword research, page performance measurement, etc. It is one of the 10 most important digital marketing tools in 2022.

How does wordstream help you?

It allows digital marketers to handle their Google Ads, FB Ads, and Bing ads campaigns from a single dashboard. It offers creative negative tools for a keyword that helps to search negative keywords easily. People with less experience and knowledge can also use the WordStream tool, which is the best thing about it.

Is this free or paid?

The few features of Wordstream are absolutely free. If you want some competitive and relevant keywords for your website, you may use the free version of this tool.

MailChimp: Top Level Tool For E-mail Campaign

MailChimp is an e-mail marketing & social advertising tool designed to automate and orchestrate marketing campaigns. MailChimp is one of the top 10 digital marketing tools in 2022 you may obtain to grow your campaigns and track the traffics. It is the essential tool for e-mail campaigns, using which you may engage with your customers. It is a well-renowned name in the e-mail marketing world.

How does it help you?

  • It helps to make better content with easy-to-use design tools.
  • Mailchimp uses an AI-powered assistant for creating custom designs.
  • Provides tools for obtaining analytics and insights in one place.
  • Helps to create personalized e-mails and get up to six times more orders using marketing automation.
  • It provides a free plan for small digital marketers.

Is mail chimp free or paid?

Mail chimp provides both features. It provides a free plan for up to 2k contacts and 10k e-mails/month (including ads). The paid plans of mail chimp are divided into three categories. The first one is the essentials plan, which begins at $9.99 per month for 500 contacts with 500k e-mails.

The second plan is the Standard plan, which is advanced automation, beginning at $14.99 per month, and the third one is the premium plan, which provides you with all-areas access from $299 per month. It incorporates customizable, pre-build e-mail automation, making it relatively easy for you to reach the target audience at the right time. Besides, it may help you increase conversions, grow sales, and drive traffic.

Trello: Best Tool For Content Management

Trello helps you brainstorm and strategize content for your digital marketing campaign. It is one of the most fantastic content management tools used by thousands of marketers globally to schedule, create, and organize content online. The Trello platform keeps the whole team together, making communication manageable and a lot easier.

You may assign various team members to a single card so that they may work on a project together. This way, you will see, who’s in charge of writing, editing, posting, designing, and adding CTA offers to a post.

How does Trello help you?

It allows you to make incorporate notes and cards on the card topic while making deadlines and assigning topics to a particular team. Trello facilitates remote working where your team members may access their projects and assigned tasks from anywhere. You may use Trello to organize and manage your digital marketing campaigns and ensure that you never miss out on anything your team members are doing.

Is Trello free or paid?

Trello comes with free, and three paid plans. You may use its free version without any cost. But if we talk about the paid plan, the first plan is standard (starts with $5/user per month), a premium plan (begins with $10/user per month), and an Enterprise plan (which starts with $17.50 / user, per month) all billed yearly.

Ahrefs: Best SEO Tool For Digital Marketing

Ahrefs is a famous tool for search engine optimization. It helps to optimize our website based on our marketing needs. It is mainly used for checking backlinks, and with the help of its massive index of data, the Ahrefs tool is definitely one of the best digital marketing tools in the market.

How does it help you?

Ahrefs helps to optimize the website and lets you find the correct website for your content and strategically find content topics. Besides, it may assist in analyzing the competitor’s website. It also offers a data index, snippets of testimonials, and free trial sessions. It helps to manage your projects and track your ranking progress.

Is this free or paid?

You may use both versions (free or paid) of this tool. Many small companies use the free version of Ahrefs webmaster tools, but if you want to unlock advanced features of this tool, pricing starts at $99 per month.

Slack: Best Tool For Marketing Management

Digital marketers use slack tool every single day. With Slack, you may discuss client work, new support tickets, new articles, and new projects, send messages, and share helpful content. It is the most effective and powerful medium to make effective communicate with distinct teams of digital marketers.

How does it help you?

It helps to communicate with team members over the web in actual time. It lets you follow everything related to the teams, channels, and projects and allows you to do video conferencing and messages too. It helps the teams collaborate from anywhere.

Is this free or paid

Slack comes in both features. Using the free version provides you with a total of 5 GB of file storage. On the other hand, if you have a Pro plan, Business+ plan, or enterprise Grid plan, you will have 10 GB, 20 GB, and 1 TB of file storage space for each member of your team.

SEMRUSH: Easy Tool For Seo Expert

SEMRUSH is an all-in-one tool suite for discovering marketing insights and growing the business’s online visibility with market research, advertising, SEO, content marketing, search engine reputation management, and social media management.

How does it help you?

SEMRUSH helps in growing organic traffic with workflow and SEO tools. It helps create high-quality content that ranks and unveils competitors’ tactics and strategies. SEMRUSH can also help you find ways of reaching more prospects with less amount. Besides, it supports marketers in the creation of social media strategies. It is one of the 10 most effective and best digital marketing tools in 2022.

Is this free or paid?

SEMRUSH provides 7-day free trial for their users. Paid plans of SEMRUSH are divided into three parts. The first is Pro, which starts at $119; the second is Guru, which starts at $229; and the third is the business plan, which starts at $449.

Sendible: Best Social Media Management Tool Of 2022

Sendible is a social media management tool that helps to track your competitors, track your brand, and relevant industry news. In the advanced sphere of social media, Sendibe handles various social media accounts, bringing all those under one login.

How does it help you?

If you want to post on various social media accounts of a client (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), you may post there at one time with the help of Sendible. Besides, if there is any urgent or you are going anywhere, therefore you are unable to post that day, you may schedule your post on Sendible.

Free or paid?

Sendible is a paid tool, but you may use its trial version for a few days; after that, It asks for money, and the paid plan starts at $29. And if you want to try the expansion plan, it starts at $399.

Unbounce: best Tool For Landing Page

Unbounce is one of the best and most fantastic digital marketing tools for tweaking, quickly building, and publishing new landing pages for testing. Even if you are not an experienced designer, you may use advanced and proven landing page templates of Unbounce as a jumping-off point, and after that, you may modify them to fit your own style. It is an easy-to-use tool for business owners and CEOs who desire to grow conversions online.

How does it help?

This platform helps convert more of your audience into sales, customers, and leads. It assists you in making landing pages for conversions. It is easy to use and the most helpful digital marketing tool for digital marketers.

Is Unbounce free or paid?

You may use the free version of Unbounce until 14 days. And the first paid plan starts at $90 per month. You may get up to 500 conversions and up to 20k visitors with one domain in this plan, and it is a Launch plan. The second plan is an Optimized plan, and it starts at $135 per month. In this plan, you may get up to 1k conversions with 30k visitors, including five domains.

Besides, you will get 30 percent more conversions with smart traffic. The last plan is known as Accelerate plan, which starts at $225/month. In this plan, you will get up to 2,500 conversions with 50k visitors. Besides, you will get ten domains and 30% more conversions with smart traffic.

Mailmunch: Best Tool For Lead Generation

Mailmunch is an effective digital marketing tool in 2022 that is known as a lead generation tool as well. It combines forms, landing pages, and e-mail marketing to streamline your capability to capture leads and send the campaign’s e-mail using one system.

How does it help?

Mailmuch gives the tools you require to convert your website audience into customers and grow your e-mail list.

Free or paid?

You can use it in both ways. The free plan is for a few days after that; you have to pay for it. Its premium plan starts at $ 13.99 per month. In the premium plan, you will get unlimited forms and landing pages, including 1 k contacts with unlimited campaigns, premium templates, advanced analytics, reporting, etc.

Convertkit: Best Tool For Email Marketing

Convertikit provides an e-mail marketing solution that mainly targets e-commerce marketers and bloggers. It helps to provide segmentation, form-building capability, and subscribe management, including a basic e-mail editor. It offers a way to edit your e-mail list.

With the help of Convertkit, you may tag people, put them in different sections, and send e-mails out that trend, especially to that audience. You may apply tags to your current subscribers based on their behavior.

How does it help you?

Convertkit helps you associate with your users and boost your business by using e-mail marketing software that is easy to use. It offers landing pages and customizable signup forms to manage to bring in more e-mail subscribers.

Is this free or paid?

You may use the free version of Convertkit for 14 days as a free trial. After that, you have to pay for it. Paid plans are divided into two parts. The first plan is the creator plan, starting at $9 per month. If you want to pay annually, you have to pay $108 for it. The second plan is the Creator pro plan which starts at $ 25 per month.


I hope! After reading this article, you have learned many things about digital marketing tools. Digital marketing tools play a significant role in the life of digital marketers because, with the help of these marketing tools, they can do their tasks efficiently. In today’s era, where everything is online, everyone wants to grow their business through online promotions.

One of the main reasons behind the promotion is that every business is surrounded by competition, challenges, and technologies. Those 10 Digital marketing tools for growing online businesses are most helpful for digital marketers to put their client’s businesses on top. If you want to make your career bright as a digital marketer or want to do promotions through digital marketing for your clients, you need to take the help of digital marketing tools.

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