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Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers In 2022

Best Chrome Extension for Digital Marketer IN 2022

Today I will mention ten essential chrome extensions for digital marketers that help them do their work more efficiently. With the help of these extensions, they can improve their tasks easier than before. With so many Chrome extensions available today, it’s essential not to get lost in the noise and to know what extensions you need and what you don’t need. Once you read this article, you may find much helpful chrome extensions, which may provide you with benefits in your daily tasks.

What Is A Chrome Extension?

Chrome extensions are programs that you install in chrome to change the functionality of your browser. It includes adding new features to chrome or modifying the existing current behavior of the program itself to make it more convenient for all users. Besides, most chrome extensions appear or are visible on the right side of the toolbar and permit users to improve the working experience.

Best Chrome Extension for Digital Marketer

They help you to minimize your work, and the most important thing about them is that they are easy to use. Here I will mention some examples of the kind of functionality that a chrome extension may add to chrome, such as:

  • Password management
  • Blocking unwanted ads
  • It helps to add notes or to-do lists for chrome
  • It helps or makes it easier to copy text from a website
  • It helps to optimize memory usage so that chrome runs in a better way
  • It protects your privacy and makes web browsers more safe and secure

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

The demand for digital marketing is highly growing day by day or continues to grow. With more data, digital marketing tools, content, and channels at disposal, it is challenging to keep up with everything that is present. And the time we spend at the desk using a browser is unrealistic. The Google Chrome extension is a handy tool that you can add to extend the functionality of your Google Chrome web browser.

Chrome extensions are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and the overall user experience. To get the most out of your time, here is a list of 10 chrome extensions that can make the hours you spend on your browser more effective and efficient.

SEOquake: Top Extension For SEO

SEOquake displays different SEO ranking factors for each webpage. It may highlight text density and nofollow links on a webpage and compare a particular site to another based on URLs. Consider it a fast reference guide to aid you in the fight against poor SEO (search engine optimization).

In simple words, you just have to connect SEOquake to a free SEMrush account. After that, you will obtain traffic and backlink data. If you want to use SEOquake on your chrome browser, you may install it; it’s effortless to use and helps to do your work in an easier way. Therefore it is considered one of the best chrome extensions for SEO expert

Is this free or paid?

SEOquake is a free and helpful chrome extension that provides essential SEO metrics for particular pages, along with other valuable tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit, etc. It is very easy to use. You just have to install it from your browser and then add it to chrome. After adding this extension to your chrome, you may easily use its helpful version.

Google Analytics Opt-out

The Google Analytics Opt-out is the most important for the digital marketer who spends time on their own website or on their client’s websites. This extension stops GA from firing on every website you visit. It is essential if you are working on a low-traffic website or if you have extensively tested your website’s elements and do not want the website metrics to affect real website users.

Always turn it on, so you don’t forget to turn it on whenever you need it. However, when testing the action you want to pass to Google Analytics, don’t forget to disable it temporarily. It is one of the most helpful and best chrome extensions for digital marketers.

You can use it free of cost and may get benefits from this helpful chrome extension.

Sizzy: Best Extension For Developers

Sizzy provides developers and designers an easy way to test their websites in various viewports. Sizzy gives an easy way to check your design in real-time. It provides an interactive view of any number of screen sizes and devices. You may also simulate the device keyboard and then switch between portrait modes and landscape.

Installing the Chrome extension adds a button to the toolbar that you can click to open the current URL on the Sizzy platform. The extension blocks all “x-frame-options” headers, allowing any website to be viewed online. It is the most effective and best chrome extension for web developers and designers.

If you want to use its free version, you can use it for 14 days; after that, you have to pay $7 per month to use its paid version.


Checkbot may test your website for security issues and audit the loading speed of your site’s page. With the help of this extension, designers can identify common errors and recommend improvements in website security, search engines, and website speed. Using over 50 best-practice metrics helps audit a site for best practice SEO (search engine optimization), duplicate content, broken links, and more.

The tool will also validate JS, CSS, and HTML. Checkbot picks up on web design and programming errors in actual time, protecting you from the trouble of going back and reconfirming your work repeatedly. This tool would be helpful if you are looking for a high-quality tool to fix broken page links, ensure page titles and unique content, and remove redirect chains.

For web designers, it may help you minimize your JavaScript and CSS, as well as give recommendations on how to leverage browser caching and minify your CSS. Checkbot is one of the most effective and best chrome extensions for digital marketers.

You can use its free version for 14 days; after that, it asks for fees. The paid plan of this extension starts at $15 per month; if you want to buy the yearly plan of it, you have to pay just $10 per month.

SEO pro extension

The SEO Pro Extension is mainly designed to quickly analyze the properties of your website and provide tips for improving your SEO data overview and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. The SEO Pro Extension also identifies areas of your website that are missing complete SEO information, like, Images without an ALT tag. With the help of the SEO Pro Extension tool, you can analyze your competitors’ websites. It is one of the best chrome extensions for digital marketers.

This tool is absolutely 100 percent free for its users.


Wordtune uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to evaluate your work and enable you to make more precise and compelling writing styles. According to Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines, entirely AI-created or generated content is considered spam. If you use an AI tool to improve your writing style may be highly effective. It is one of the best extensions for marketers. It helps them a lot.

It comes in the paid version, but if you want to use its free version, you can use seven days of a free trial of Wordtune. After a free trial, it asks for money, and the paid fee starts at $9.99/month. It has a single plan. The paid version of Wordtune is very worthy and helps in proofreading. Many educational platforms, business executives, and professional writers are taking help from this extension to edit and rewrite sentences. It helps to improve their written language.

Screen Castify: Cool Extension For Sharing Screen Video

It lets you edit, record, and share your screen videos. You can also narrate with your microphone at that time while recording your screen. The videos can be edited and trimmed if needed. Screen Castify helps to save your videos on Google drive, and you may also directly publish or post your videos to YouTube if you want.

If you are finding for the best screen recording extension, then it would be the one you must check out. It helps Social Media Executives, influencers, and content creators to record and edit their content and videos.

It offers a free version as well as the paid version of it. If you use the free version of Screen Castify, you get 5 minutes to record your video. But if you want unlimited recording time with more tools for editing, you can go with its paid version. You just have to pay $49 per year.


AdBlock extension helps you block ads so you may easily focus on your work without wasting your precious time. It also helps you stay focused and distracted by any unwanted ads. However, if you want to see ads on a specific site, then it comes with an option. You may add those ads to the whitelist with the help of its option. If you want to add this extension to your chrome, you may go for it.

It’s a free chrome extension for all users.

Color Picker Eyedropper

It is a helpful tool for choosing the selected color on any web page. You may easily choose a color to style your post. You will receive a color code that you can use directly in Canva or Photoshop or provide directly to your graphic designer. With the help of this useful extension of chrome, you will get your favorite color that can make your post more alluring than before. Color Picker Eyedropper is one of the best chrome extensions for digital marketers.

It comes in a completely free version for its users.


DOMFLAGS is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that provides developers with new ways to interact with browser tools. It allows web developers to speed up the task of styling elements. You may bookmark the navigation using the keyboard shortcuts for each item.

We all have faced difficulty or problems in inspecting highly detailed elements, & it is easy to get lost. You can track styling elements with DOM Flags, which also include a capability that lets you accurately and automatically check components. It, in turn, would help implementation and speed up DevTools workflow.

You can track changes with DOM Flags. And keep your attention on the elements you are using with. If you want to download this extension on your web browser, you may trust it.

It’s a free chrome extension for all users.


Grammarly is the most helpful tool for content writers and marketing writers. If you want to write quality content without any grammatical errors with high readability in a professional way, you may add it to your chrome browser. It can help you with spelling errors and suggest you more relevant words that can increase the readability of your content.

With the help of Grammarly, you can enhance your creative writing skills. Whether you are writing content for your client or for your own website, it will tighten up your style and assist you in saying exactly what you mean or intend. It comes in both versions: Free and paid.

If you use the free version, you may benefit from suggestions related to punctuation, spelling, grammar, conciseness, etc. If we talk about paid or premium version of it, you may get more advanced suggestions related to plagiarism, formality, clarity, tone, and word choice.

You can use both versions of Grammarly, such as Free or paid. Grammarly is considered the most useful and best chrome extension for digital marketers.


Digital marketing is the easiest way of promotion for businesses, brands, and companies nowadays. Therefore, it is becoming the most popular. If you are in a learning phase or fresher in the field of digital marketing, you may learn it by joining the best digital marketing institute in Lucknow.

Various chrome extensions are available online that are costless and can help make work easier for SEO executives, SMM professionals, and digital marketers. Those above-mentioned chrome extensions are also very helpful and essential because these are one of the best 10 chrome extensions for digital marketers.                                         

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