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Best Back Office Training in Lucknow

Deedok Training offers the Best Back Office Training in Lucknow. We train participants to build and strengthen internal service partnerships that add value to the customer experience. Deedok’s Back Office Training training is a proven and fully customizable training course that fulfills the needs of all back-office & support staff. 

We are known as the best back-office trainers in Lucknow because of our comprehensive course and training strategies. Our course includes every single aspect that is mandatory for a back-office job. Our course includes, but is not limited to, back-office activities, data processing skills, keyboarding, computer operations, transaction processing skills, and exhaustive job role awareness. 

Our certificate is a globally preferred qualification for back-office jobs. Deedok’s back-office certificate confirms your readiness for most of the back-office activities.

Most successful organizations believe that no one is more important than the customer, and every employee works for customer satisfaction. Deedok Back Office Training helps the employees and the organizations to help their customers in the best possible ways. 

Our Back Office Training program develops a customer-focused mindset and offers a process that enables workers to create highly effective internal partnerships. We let them understand what they must do to contribute to adding value to each and every customer interaction.

Skills You Will Learn With Deedok’s Back Office Training in Lucknow

Roles and responsibilities of back-office executives

Performing market research

Essential admin duties like printing/sending emails

How to assist and coordinate with the sales team

Inventory management

Updating calendars and organizing staff meetings

Training on computer operating systems and MS office software

How to operate accounting and financial software

back office training

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Reasons Why You Choose Our Back Office Training in Lucknow

Tailor-made back-office course
live ptrojects
Training on live projects in the real arena
Well-organized, air-conditioned infrastructure to feel comfortable

Why Should You Join Deedok Back Office Training


Job Oriented Training

Training under professionals 

Job oriented training program 

Industry recognized certificate 

Job assistance 

Training with real-world projects

Who Could Attend?

Deedok invites students of all ages & streams to join us and build their careers in the back office. We also welcome learners who have a zeal to get jobs in the IT industry as Web Developers, Digital marketing experts, Software Engineers, .Net Developers, Android Developers, and PHP Developers in our Summer Training program.

Admissions are Open on First Come, First Serve Basis! Limited Seats 

Online registration is a temporary way of registration for 15 days that would be confirmed only if the documents & registration formalities are received at our office within the stipulated period. Online seat reservation is a unique facility; it shall be closed if seats are filled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- What is the back-office system?

Ans: The back-office operation includes procedures used by staff offered to employees that help keep the business going. Finance, inventory, accounting, order fulfillment, distribution, & shipping are examples of back-office systems. Back office systems can be automated or manual.

Q.2- What are the duties of the back office?

Ans: The back office is the non-customer part of the business, consisting of administrative and support staff. Back office features include record maintenance, settlements, regulatory compliance, clearances, IT services, record maintenance, and accounting.

Q.3- Is there any future in the back office?

Ans: Back office work in the BPO industry provides responsibilities that directly impact the business. BPO deals with either the company (B2B) or the customer (B2C). In addition, BPO’s non-voice processes handle administrative tasks, including spreadsheet preparation, report generation, or data entry into the software.

Q.4- What software does back-office training include?

Ans: Back-office management simply allows people to manage their day-to-day business activities such as revenue, payroll, and management. To protect the assets of our employees and other companies, we continue to support and satisfy our customers with purchases, orders, services, and more.

Q.5- What are the back office skills?

Ans: Back office skills are management-based skills. This includes managing and entering data; project and complaint handling; Market Trends and Behavior Analysis; Market Research; Finance, and Accounting Tasks. Additional back office skills are related to HR (human resources) and IT (information technology).

Q.6- What is the main difference between the front office and back office?

Ans: In the front and back offices, revenue-generating and customer-facing activities are considered front offices, and all back-end processes related to the provision of high-quality products or services used are considered part of the back office. A term refers to different business processes within an organization (and central or a middle) office.

Q.7- Define the importance of back-office roles?

Ans: The back office role is vital because it is essentially the backbone of the business or a company. When back-office operations are going well, the company is on the road to success. It also improves productivity and keeps costs down or low.

Q.8- Are students from a non-technical background eligible to join the Deedok back-office training?

Ans: Yes, if they are interested in joining the back-office training, they all can come. Deedok invites streams and students of all ages to join our training and develop their careers in the back office. It’s a golden opportunity for all who want to learn about it.

Q.9- Who will train me at Deedok training?

Ans: At Deedok Training, we have a bunch of professional trainers who have more than ten years of experience in the same industry. Unlike other institutes, Deedok has dedicated trainers for each and every particular course.

Q.10- How to contact you?

Ans: We are always open to reshaping your future with our perfect blend of knowledge and technology. If you are interested in any of our courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are just one call/email away.

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