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Deedok offers complete and expert PHP training in Lucknow to beginners, which helps them receive hands-on tutoring Read More in real-time scenarios, including with PHP Projects. Our integrated infrastructure and modern labs help trainees practice their training with interest.
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Best PHP Training in Lucknow

Deedok enables you to join the best PHP Training in Lucknow. Our PHP Training courses are designed as per the Industrial needs with Real-time Projects. We have a cadre of passionate and highly experienced IT professionals and technical faculties cum developers with over ten years of experience in PHP programming and other related PHP technologies. At the same point, Deedok offers PHP Training with interactive sessions and live practical examples. 

Deedok offers complete and expert PHP training in Lucknow to beginners, which helps them receive hands-on tutoring in real-time scenarios, including with PHP Projects. Our integrated infrastructure and modern labs help trainees practice their training with interest. 

PHP is the most trusted and best programming language and is being used by a number of high-quality websites for businesses in more than 77.9 percent of all websites worldwide. In fact, some of the best applications or websites, like Facebook, Myntra, OLX, Jabong, etc., are built on PHP. We, as the best PHP Training Institute in Lucknow, understand the importance of this language and provide relevant training programs to both freshers and experienced Students.

PHP training is crucial for freshers as it gives them a considerable advantage in their career due to its huge demand in the IT industry. Deedok, as a top-rated web development company in Lucknow, provides an opportunity to gain basic and advanced skills in PHP. We have had a team of professionals working in the Development field since 2010 on different kinds of projects. Our expert trainers give you a real-time software development environment and let you learn the tactics. 

Our team has divided the PHP Training program into various modules, which start with basics. Since PHP is a Server Side Scripting Language, we include CSS, HTML, Jquery, JS, and BootStrap as part of our Training Modules. After finishing the basics, our experts move to PHP4 and PHP5 training and then CMS or Shopping Cart training based on PHP.

Skills You Will Learn from Best PHP Training In Lucknow


Data Structure

Object Oriented Programming

Working with PHP forms

best PHP Training in Lucknow

Who Should Learn from Best PHP Training In Lucknow

Basic PHP

Advance PHP

Aspiring Software Developers

Aspiring Web Developers

Data Scientists

Data Analysts

AI Engineers

Programming Enthusiasts

Want To Kickstart Your Professional Journey

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Modules of the Best PHP Training In Lucknow


Introduction to PHP


Lesson 01: Introduction to PHP and XAMPP


Lesson 02: Hello World in PHP


Lesson 03: PHP Programming Concepts


Lesson 04: OOPs in PHP


Lesson 05: PHP Extension for VSCode


Lesson 06: PHP with MySQL tutorial


Lesson 07: PHP Form Validation


Lesson 08: PHP CRUD Operations


Lesson 09: PHP Registration Form


Lesson 10: PHP Login Form and Rest API


Lesson 11: PHP Web Development Tutorial


Lesson 12: PHP Ecommerce Website


Lesson 13: PHP Interview Questions

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Who Could Attend?

Deedok invites students of all ages and streams to join us and build their careers in Web Development, Application Development, and Mobile Development. We also welcome students who have a zeal to get jobs in the IT industry as Web Developers, Software Engineers, PHP Developers, React Developers, CI Developers and Laravel Developers  in our Summer Training program. 

Admissions are Open on First Come, First Serve Basis! Limited Seats 

Online registration is a temporary reservation of seats for 15 days that would be confirmed only if the documents and registration formalities are received at our office within the stipulated period. Online seat reservation is a special facility; it shall be closed if seats are filled. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- What is a PHP Course?

Ans: PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

Q.2- Is it easy to learn PHP?

Ans:  PHP is an easy language to grasp, and it’s a great start before you dive into more complex web languages like HTML,CSS, SQL, and JavaScript.

Q.3- Does PHP have a future?

Ans:  Although there is a lot of discussion about the future of PHP, it is clear that PHP does have a future. It is by far the most used programming language for websites. PHP has been around for a while now and this is reflected in the code.

Q.4- Should I learn PHP in 2022?

Ans:  PHP is not dying and is definitely worth learning in 2021 and beyond. There are still thousands of jobs available for new PHP programmers.

Q.5- Is PHP good for Career?

Ans:  Yes. So if you can master it, you have the potential to earn lots of money. That popularity means there are plenty of career opportunities out there.

Q.6- What is the average salary of a PHP developer in India?

Ans: PHP Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 6.6 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.0 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 4.3k salaries received from PHP Developers

Q.7- Is PHP developer in demand?

Ans: As a result of its adaptable nature, it has become one of the most high-in-demand languages around the world. As a result, a PHP developer salary in India is significantly increasing.

Q.8- How do I become a PHP Developer?


Step 1 – Get a Relevant Degree. You should have at least a relevant Bachelor’s degree before you set out to become a PHP developer.

Step 2 – Learn PHP. Now, you are ready to learn PHP.

Step 3 – Work on PHP Projects.

Step 4 – Get Certified.

Step 5 – Crack a PHP Developer Job Interview.

Q.9- What are the skills required for a PHP Developer?


  • PHP, of course, even if it’s just at the beginner level.
  • Knowledge of Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL.
  • If you’re going to be a full-stack developer, then you need to know JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • APIs, Unix/Linux, and MVC Framework Architecture.

Q.10- What is the future of PHP developers?

Ans:   Primarily, PHP’s future scope resides in web development. They are responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining the websites and applications for the Internet. PHP with a database can create interactive and dynamic websites and applications.

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