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Best JavaScript Training in Lucknow

Deedok training provides the best JavaScript Training in Lucknow. We have a highly experienced team of JavaScript experts who will train you during the course of the JavaScript training program by Deedok. 

Here at Deedok, during the JavaScript training course, you will work on Live projects to boost your knowledge and skills of Javascript by working with our experts. Our professionals understand the importance of this scripting language and help you learn the relevant concepts only. This enables you save a lot of your precious time and hard-earned money. 

Our JavaScript training experts help you understand the programming fundamentals and advanced concepts of JavaScript. With our experts, the concepts you learn and work on lay the foundation for using JavaScript in any environment. In total, we offer everything you need as a fresher in JavaScript. 

At the current time, JavaScript occupies the seventh position in the list of the most popular programming languages in the world. This means that the fame of this scripting language is not going to wane anytime soon.

Skills you will learn from our JavaScript Training Courses in Lucknow

Responsive web design

Asynchronous Programming

Efficient Memory Management

JavaScript Instantiation Patterns

Writing Cross-Browser Code

Functional Programming

best React JS training in Lucknow

Why choose JavaScript training @Deedok?





Deedok provides the best JavaScript Training in Lucknow with 100% placement support. If you want to learn about it or you are a beginner or want to grow your current existing knowledge of JavaScript, our experts will mentor you to become the best in the field of JavaScript.

Our capability to give the best and most practical training to our students has made us the best JavaScript Training agency in Lucknow. 

We are best because:

  • 15 Years of Experience in the Sector
  • Leading best JavaScript training Company in India 
  • Offer the best JavaScript training and placements
  • Extra time slots for practical
  • Provide professional certification

Want to learn with industry experts?

Modules of our JavaScript Training in Lucknow


Introduction to JavaScript


Advanced JavaScript concepts


Global and shared data


JS Objects


JS Functions


JS Classes




JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets


JS Browser BOM




Live Server







Polish your skills with the best JavaScript Training Institute in Lucknow

Who Could Attend?

Deedok invites students of all ages and streams to join us and build their careers in Web Development, Application Development, and Mobile Development. We also welcome students who have a zeal to get jobs in the IT industry as Web Developers, Software Engineers, PHP Developers, React Developers, CI Developers and Laravel Developers  in our Summer Training program. 

Admissions are Open on First Come, First Serve Basis! Limited Seats 

Online registration is a temporary reservation of seats for 15 days that would be confirmed only if the documents and registration formalities are received at our office within the stipulated period. Online seat reservation is a special facility; it shall be closed if seats are filled. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- What is JavaScript?

Ans: JavaScript is a text-based programming language used on both the server and client sides that permits you to make web pages interactive. CSS and HTML languages add structure and style to web pages, while JavaScript provides interactive elements that attract users to web pages. JavaScript is mainly used to create web pages. 

 It allows you to add dynamic behavior to your web page or add special effects to your web page. On websites, it is primarily used for verification purposes. JavaScript helps perform complex actions and allows web pages to interact with visitors.

Q.2- Why is JavaScript training essential?

Ans:  If you are interested in learning JavaScript and want to make your future in this field, it’s an essential thing for you. JavaScript language has grown into one of the most famous or popular programming languages on the web. 

TIOBE Programming Community index says JavaScript presently holds the first position or top place in terms of ratings. If you are interested in learning JavaScript or want to join JavaScript training, you may also join Deedok’s JavaScript training.

Q.3- What do I need to know before learning the JavaScript framework?

Ans:  If you are acquainted or familiar with the World of JavaScript, you must have heard about the trending frameworks in JavaScript like Vue, React, and Angular. Before beginning learning any of these JavaScript frameworks, it would be beneficial to know some of the essential concepts of JavaScript, which can make your life easier for learning about them.

Things to know before learning the JavaScript framework are:

  • Essential ES6 features
  • Objects and Array techniques or methods
  • Fetch API and Asynchronous JavaScript
  • NPM and import/export modules in JavaScript

Q.4- What should every JavaScript developer know?

Ans:  JavaScript developers or experts also need to know how to use the Nodejs framework for API development, server-side rendering, and real-time network application development. An intermediate JavaScript programmer needs to be able to work conclusively with the frameworks and existing tools on the project.

Q.5- Is JavaScript the future of programming?

Ans:  Many languages are coming and going, but JavaScript (JS) will keep on going and continue maintaining its beauty. JavaScript not only has a bright future, but it’s the future itself. If we talk more about it, JavaScript is the main driving force behind the rapidly evolving web. It is the present and the future. The rapid development of high-level programming languages reinforces the fact that JavaScript is the future of programming.

Q.6- What JavaScript skills will you learn with Deedok Training?

Ans: JavaScript is one of the essential web development languages in use today. It allows you to add features to your website, from the simplest to the most advanced. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a beginner, there are some basic JavaScript techniques you need to know to become a successful developer.

  • Functional Programming
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • JavaScript Instantiation Patterns
  • Keep Up with The Industry
  • Writing Cross-Browser Code
  • Communication Skills

Q.7- What is the difference between Angular JavaScript and ReactJavaScript?

Ans: AngularJavaScript is a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps, and React is a Javascript library that you can use to create UI components. Angular JavaScript is based on Model View Controller (MVC), while React is mainly based on virtual DOM. AngularJS is based on Typescript, and React JS is primarily based on Javascript.

Q.8- What are the role & responsibilities of a JavaScript developer?

Ans: When it comes to talking about the responsibilities of the JavaScript developers, they are mainly in charge of testing, writing, and debugging code. However, they also take on other tasks within the team. Here we will describe the most common responsibilities or duties of a JavaScript developer:

  • Write sustainable code that can be scaled and modified.
  • Make sure your UI / UX design is practical.
  • Improves the performance of the primary front end or back end.
  • Change the specifications and design of complex applications.
  • Examine code, requirements, system hazards, and software reliability
  • Collaborate with web developers on both the front end and the back end

Q.9- Are students from a non-technical background eligible to join the Deedok javascript training?

Ans:  Yes, if they are interested in joining the JavaScript training, they all can come. Deedok invites streams and students of all ages to join our training and develop their careers in JavaScript. It’s a golden opportunity for all who want to learn about it.

Q.10- Who will train me at Deedok training?

Ans:   At Deedok Training, we have many professional trainers with more than ten years of experience in the same industry. Unlike other institutes, Deedok has dedicated trainers for each and every particular course.

Q.11- How to contact you?

Ans:  We are always open to reshaping your future with our perfect blend of knowledge and technology. If you are interested in any of our courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are just one call/email away.

Call us at: +91 9044152757

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